Shrine Adtek Solution

Manpowr outsourcing, IT Services, Media, ducation, food etc. And it's just the begining.

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Shrine Jobs! Portal

Professional jobs and vacancies, online jobs, Pre-Interview Training services.

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Shrine TV

An Upcoming Infotainment Television Channel for Odisha Location.

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Shrine Express

Express Delivery Network, logistics, courier cargo services.

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Who We Are

W have Established in the year 2009 with a meager beginning where we were at low ebb with no proper manpower and funds.
We made our first step with “Shrine Adteck solution” where we successfully engaged and..


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  • I feel that this is a good, positive atmosphere to work in and what we are doing is very interesting and exciting. All of our employees are smart and creative. This is reflected in the work that we produce. I also appreciate that our company cares about the community and the environment and encourages us to do the same.

    Soumya Sucharita Bal (GIET,BBSR)

  • best service provider.i have ever seen.thanks consultancy.

    Dhaneswar Palai (BPUT)

  • Good company for placement all type of candidates.

    Tareni DISHA Education Consultancy

  • wow its a good company for data entry projects.

    Saurav Kumar (JIET)

  • its a good way to promote and encourage those who do not get success in their job though having good degree..thanks to shrine group and mr.sanjay kumar jena sir for bringing such ideas to us!!!never let the fear of striking you down keep you from playing the game!!!!

    Aakash Pradhan (A.D.L.S Sunshine School)

  • thanks for this consultancy to provide good job to me & good job provide to the candidate.

    Rajib Mishra (NIST,Berhampur)

Our Clients

CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that “a man becomes immortal by his deeds not his life span”. If one helps others with a pure heart, he will be immortal even after he dies.

Life is too short and we have a set of numbers of days to this earth. So making the best of them by making our stay a worth it is what we can do. There are no limitations when it comes to aiding someone.

We have taken a step forward to make a thought into reality. Being a human being we are very well aware about our social responsibilities. Hence with the purpose to feed the hungry and serve the helpless, we have established “Shrine Social Welfare Foundation”.

No matter how trivial their problem may seem, all we know is to turn towards them instead of turning away from them. So we have taken an initiative to help the poor and feed the hungry by understanding their dispositions.

We are trying to do the best from our end in order to educate the illiterate children and feed the hungry as well. We have also planned to make an old-age home for those old homeless persons who have been betrayed by their children.

By helping others, we experience the best satisfaction that cannot be achieved by any other materialistic thing